Round House

Washing Services

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client briefing

HB Painting was working with their existing name, but needed a logo rebranding . A sketched idea gave us room to transform their initials into a major part their new corporate image. Below is the sketch that was used to draft different options for new branded corporate logo.

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Branding Design

Corporate Identity Design Development

An extensive detailed process of testing different fonts, illustrations, and combinations is part of the design phase. Concepts are made that tie companies values and color preferences together into a complete cohesive corporate identity. This phase undergoes meticulous arrangement of key components. A final meeting with our client is scheduled for small edits and final approval.

03 –

BRand implementation

Branded Promotional items

Now with a newly branded corporate identity the next step is implementing the business branding correctly. Access to original artwork allows for a seamless transition to customers wide range of marketing promotional needs. A uniform structure is made to ensure a similar style is used across all promotional pieces. The client now has a completely branded business to present to new prospect clients, who are in need of their services. Our principal goal is to visibly promote your business for growth because we believe when your business succeeds, we have succeeded too.