Golden Hour

Servicing all your property needs

01 –


client briefing

Golden Hour is a company that specializes residential & commercial landscape irrigation systems. Their main goal is to create eco conscious landscape arrangements.  The focus of this project was to create a design that would simulate Tiger- P-40 Airplanes. The main obstacle was designing a tiger mouth that was aesthetically appealing and durable for its application.

02 –

Branding Design

Corporate Identity Design Development

After deciding a design angle the next step was to prepare a color conversion that paired well with the brands color scheme. Testing color combinations narrows down which option will work best with the brands aesthetic. 


03 –

BRand implementation

Branded Promotional items

Golden hour being a new competitor in the market focused on a printing approach to marketing. Every business has an optimal marketing direction that will create new business opportunities. The goal is to provide clients with strategic outlets that will maximize their ROI.