Ilumina Lighting

Custom crafted lighting solutions

01 –


client briefing

Ilumina, an experienced commercial lighting company, dedicates itself to providing custom lighting systems for business application. The company name was established, with the versatility of working in spanish or english. The focus for this project was crafting a brand logo that capitalized on traditional lighting units like lamps, bulbs, and stage lights. Our initial draft used perspective and negative space to highlight the traditional lighting element within the company name. Each style appeals to a different consumer market, giving the client freedom on the presentation of his company.


02 –

Branding Design

Corporate Identity Design Development

Working with the tube lighting bulb brand logo option, allowed us the opportunity to make an adaptation to he “i” in Ilumina to simulate a bulb. The green color scheme can be from a green strip that is commonly seen on the end of tube lighting bulbs. Together these elements created a focal point in the brand logo that helped customers identify with the brand.

03 –

BRand implementation

Branded Promotional items

The promotional pieces were driven by the branded logos color scheme. The focus of the message across all the marketing tools, was to give the customer a solution to any commercial lighting projects. Ilumina now has a strategic message structure driving its marketing/promotional efforts.